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Alternate Web Browser Player :
If the player above doesnt work you can tune with your web browser with the link below :

Please Note:
When hearing this on a mobile phone you need to press the play button and wait for a while before the Audio starts playing.

When using limited internet bandwidth (like when mobile) please close this window completely to stop the download of the audio stream.


To Tune in with ITunes/VLC/Windows Media Player/Winamp  please enter the following link :

1How to Listen to our Live Broadcast Stream using ITunes/VLC/WindowsMediaPlayer/Winamp

Older versions of Windows Media Player 7 through 10 on the PC, as well as Winamp, iTunes and VLC on either PC or Mac, play ".m3u" files. When you click on on the "listen" link, you may get a download prompt asking you what you want to do with that file, open or save it? In that case, select "Open with..." and choose your music player software. Newer versions of Windows Media Player 11, 12 might no longer support a .m3u playlist files.

While we continue to search for a workaround for this issue, please use one of the supported streaming audio player softwares such as Winamp, iTunes or VLC.

When Things Don't Work

If clicking on the link does not open the Audio Player then please try these steps :

1. Copy the URL and paste it into your audio player's equivalent of "Open URL" menu item, where you can listen to a live Internet audio stream. Sometimes it will say "Stream URL" in the menu choices.

For example, in older versions of Windows Media Player (versions 7 through 10), right-click on the little triangle next to "Now Playing" and then click on "File / Open URL..."

2. In iTunes, go to "Advanced / Open Stream..."

Still can't get it to work?

Consider installing Winamp, which was made for live audio streaming, or an audio player called VLC. Both work on all platforms including PC, Mac, Linux. or:

Known Issues

Certain iTunes on Mac release versions don't automatically open ".m3u" files as of this writing. Drag and drop the ".m3u" file icon from your desktop to the iTunes playlist window. Once it's in your playlist, double click the stream the next time you open iTunes and it will start playing the live stream.

2How to Listen to our Live Broadcast Stream using iOS(Apple) by downloading "TuneMark Radio"


On iOS (Apple) devices one can download Tunemark Radio. Below are some screenshots from Tunemark Radio, simply search 'IslamLife Radio' to find and favourite IslamLife Radio. We do not have an app for android yet.



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